About Us

Our Vision

To lead the transformation of public education in DC, and serve as a national role model for charter school authorizing and accountability.

August 3, 2018

The mission of the DC Public Charter School Board (DC PCSB) is to provide quality public charter school options for DC students, families, and communities.

DC PCSB is an independent government agency of the District of Columbia, created in 1996, led by a volunteer seven-member board. As the sole public charter school authorizer in our nation’s capital, we provide oversight to 120 public charter schools which are managed by 65 independently run nonprofit organizations called local education agencies. These schools educated 43,340 students in school year 2017-2018, nearly half of DC’s public school students.

A public charter school authorizer is different from a traditional school board. We do not operate or direct the management of public charter schools. That is the job of each school’s board of trustees. Instead we ensure that all students and families have access to a quality public charter school education.

We fulfill our mission by providing:

• A rigorous and comprehensive charter application process, guaranteeing that only the strongest applicants are approved to open new schools.

• Effective oversight and meaningful support of every public charter school.
We closely monitor academic performance
and non-academic outcomes, such as attendance, discipline rates,
and finances.

• Clear and transparent reporting on public charter school performance.
Our School Quality Reports rate every public charter school as
Tier 1 (top-performing), Tier 2 (mid-performing), or Tier 3 (low-performing),
helping families select the right school for their child.

• Active involvement of parents, school leaders, the community, and
policymakers in our policies and processes.

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top tier rating in school quality

Learn more about DC Public Charter
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Our People

We are governed by a seven-member Board, nominated by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the DC Council. The volunteer Board approves new schools, monitors schools while in operation, and closes low-performing schools.

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