School Quality Report Highlights for Adult Schools

The Adult Education School Quality Report measures program effectiveness by tracking student progress, student achievement, progress on mission-specific measures, and environmental indicators such as attendance and retention. The Report show a school's results, including the school's rating in one of three tiers, with Tier 1 being the best. In school year 2018 - 19, there are nine adult education public charter schools.

(Note: The Family Place PCS is currently in its first year of operation and does not receive a tier, nor is it included in the highlights below.)


  • Five of the eight adult education schools are rated Tier 1 this year.

Student Progress

  • Seven schools earned more than 65% of total points in Student Progress, while five schools improved. Student Progress measures the rate at which students progress through academic levels, whether ABE assessment or English as a Second Language (ESL).
  • Academy of Hope Adult PCS earned a Tier rating for the first time, an achievement driven by improving their Student Progress score by nearly 20%.
  • LAYC Career Academy PCS had the most significant improvement by nearly 15 points.

Student Achievement

  • All seven adult education schools with a secondary credential program earned at least 65% of points in the Student Achievement category this year.
  • The Next Step PCS had 79.7% of 59 students trying to achieve their GED earn the credential.

College and Career Ready

  • Carlos Rosario International PCS and YouthBuild PCS each earned all the possible points in this category. All Adult Education schools gained more than 65% of points in the Career and College Readiness category this year.
  • LAYC Career Academy PCS saw the greatest improvement in this category, rising from 81.1% of points in 2016-17 to 91.9% of points this year.

School Environment

  • Six adult schools increased in their retention rate, a measure that captures the rate at which students persist in their programs, as demonstrated through either completion of ABE and ESL testing programs, workforce certifications, secondary credentials, or attendance hours.
  • Academy of Hope Adult PCS led the sector in growth in retention, improving its retention rate by 10.8 percentage points, contributing to the school’s first Tier 1 rating. For more information about the ratings click here and school highlights click here for PK-12 schools and here for alternative schools.

For more information about the ratings click here, for PK-12 schools click here, and for alternative schools, click here.  

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