Alternative Accountability Framework School Report Highlights

DC PCSB currently has six schools that meet the standard for the Alternative Accountability Framework (AAF). Each school has individualized goals and academic achievement expectations tailored to its programs.


  • Goodwill Excel Center PCS increased it their goal attainment by 24.7 percentage points from SY 2016-17 and met more than 80% of their goals.
  • St. Coletta Special Education PCS had the highest rate of goal attainment of all AAF schools and met greater than 80% of their goals.

Student Progress

  • 94% of test-takers at Goodwill Excel Center PCS met their math goal.

College and Career Ready

  • 100% of Goodwill Excel Center PCS students entered employment or enrolled in a post-secondary education program six months after graduating.

School Environment

  • St. Coletta Special Education PCS was the only AAF school to meet 100% of its student environment measures, which includes in-seat attendance and parent training attendance.

For more information about the ratings click here, read the press release click here, school highlights click here for PK-12 and click here for Adult schools.

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