Parent and Alumni Leadership Council

March 19, 2015

The Parent and Alumi Leadership Council (PALC) will provide advice to the DC Public Charter School Board regarding its policies related to public charter schools. The PALC acts as a liaison between DC PCSB and parents of public charter school students and graduates of public charter high schools.

The duties of PALC members will include:

• Meet regularly with PCSB.

• Represent PCSB at ANC and community meeting/events.

• Actively participate in Ward Education meetings.

• Foster relationships with parents, ANCs, councilmembers and key community stakeholders.

• Provide recommendations and input on PCSB’s polices, new charter school applications and other initiatives.


We're also seeking new members to join the Parent and Alumni Leadership Council

The ideal candidate displays leadership, is passionate about school choice, active in their community and wants an opportunity to be involved with the District’s educational system.  They are DC residents, represent the geographical diversity of the city, able to volunteer 4-5 hours a month, and attend monthly PALC meetings.   

For more information or to apply, submit a letter of interest to  

Parent and Alumni Leadership Council Members

Shani-ola Arowolaju

 Biography Shani ola-Arowolaju, is a proud born and bred native Washingtonian. She has been in the federal government for 16 years now and works in DC as well. Shani is happily married and a proud mom of two rising KIPP scholars.  She's currently expecting her third child and lives in Ward 5. 


Allison Acosta

 Biography Allison Acosta currently serves as the Vice President of Inspired Families Association (IFA) of the Inspired Teaching School PCS to ensure all IFA activities and programs are aligned with the school’s mission and goals.  She is a parent and lives in Ward 1.


Alexander Hogan

 Biography Alexander Hogan is a former educator and a parent of a student at Creative Minds International PCS.  Mr. Hogan has also served as an Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC). He lives in Ward 1.


Joy Russell

 Biography Joy Russell was the former Senior Vice President of Community Impact for United Way of the Capital Area.  Ms. Russell is a member of the Mundo Verde Padres Association (Parent Association) and lives in Ward 1.


Rhea Vaflor

 Biography Rhea Vaflor is a Senior Associate and award-winning designer at Hickok Cole Architects.  Ms. Vaflor’s daughter attends LAMB PCS, and they live in Ward 3.


Will Hegwood

 Biography Will Hegwood is the proud parent of two public charter school students at Tier One schools – Washington Latin PCS and Washington Yu Ying PCS.  He has taught AP World History at Friendship Collegiate PCS.  Mr. Hegwood lives in Ward 4.


Joseph and Gloria Younger

 Biography The Younger’s live in Ward 4 and are grandparents of DC public and public charter school students.  He is a retired Federal Government employee who participates in his neighborhood association.  She is a former DC public school employee.  They live in Ward 4.


Betsy Centofanti

 Biography Betsy Centofanti serves on the State Advisory Panel on Special Education.  Ms. Centofanti has served as a Board Chair and member of Bridges PCS’ Board of Trustees.  She is a parent and lives in Ward 5.


Liane Jacobs

 Biography Liane Jacobs is a communications consultant.  Ms. Jacobs children attend Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS.  She lives in Ward 5.


Hahnah Wright 

 Biography Hahnah Wright is a resident of Ward 6 and her students attend DC Prep PCS.  She participates regularly in her neighborhood and civic association meetings.


Doreen Hodges

 Biography Doreen Hodges children attend E.L. Haynes PCS and Eagle Academy PCS.  She participates in the Ward 8 Community Advisory Committees and co-chairs the Department of Health’s Special Needs Advisory Board.  Ms. Hodges lives in Ward 8 with her husband and two sons.


Erika Harrell

Biography Erika Harrell is a Parent Advocate for DC School Reform Now and sits on the Parent Advisory Council for My School DC. Her children attend DC Prep and she lives in Ward 7.


Carolyn Solaru

 Biography Carolyn Solaru is a parent to a student at Washington Yu Ying PCS. She lives in Ward 8.  She is a realtor and Healthcare IT Software Tester, as well as a Girl Scout Leader.  Ms. Solaru has also served as a Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS) Ambassador Network for Parents.
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