About Us

Who we are

Our goal is to ensure students and families in Washington, DC have access to a quality public charter school education.  We do that by setting tough academic standards, using a comprehensive charter application review process and effective oversight, providing meaningful support and actively involving parents, school leaders, the community and policy makers.

Before DC PCSB permits a public charter school to open, the nonprofit proposing to run it must commit – in writing – to the contribution it will make to DC’s educational landscape.  If the nonprofit fails to meet its goals, we hold it accountable.  

There are 120 Public Charter Schools operated by 66 Nonprofits in SY 2017-18.

Created in 1996, DC PCSB is an independent body governed by the School Reform Act.  The first public charter school opened in Washington, DC in 1996.

The bylaws of the DC PCSB are available here.


To provide quality public charter school options for DC students, families, and communities through:

  • A comprehensive application review process
  • Effective oversight
  • Meaningful support 
  • Active engagement of its stakeholders


To lead the transformation of public education in DC, and serve as a national role model for charter school authorizing and accountability.

Monthly Board Meetings and Public Hearings 

DC PCSB holds meetings and hearings every month that are open to the public.  Visit the Public/Board Meetings page for upcoming and previous meeting agendas, minutes and meeting materials here. To receive a monthly update on DC PCSB and DC public charter schools, sign up to receive updates here.

Job Opportunities

View available job opportunities at DC PCSB and at public charter schools here.