Adult Education School Quality Reports

December 3, 2015

History of the Adult Education School Quality Reports

Since 2011, DC PCSB has collaborated with adult education school leaders to develop the Adult Education Performance Management Framework (PMF). The intent of adult education public charter schools is to improve the educational skills and/or English proficiency of students age 16 and over while also enabling students to advance their postsecondary education, academic skills, and employability.

Overview of the School Quality Reports

DC PCSB produces a detailed annual performance report for each public charter school it oversees. The Adult Education School Quality Reports (PMF) measures program effectiveness by tracking student progress, student achievement, progress on mission-specific measures, and leading indicators of attendance and student retention. The reports show a school's results, including the school's rating in one of three performance tiers. For additional information on these reports, please see the PMF Technical Guide here.

Using the School Quality Reports

Adult learners can use the School Quality Report to find out how a public charter school is performing and as a guide to help them select a new school. Details about how to apply to schools may be found on each school's website.

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