Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a charter renewal?
What is a charter review?
Why does my school need to undergo a charter review?
What are the potential outcomes of a charter review?
Can a school amend its charter, particularly its goals and expectations, prior to charter review?
Are there differences between DCPS teacher salaries and public charter school teacher salaries?
What is the difference between a CMO and an independent charter school?
What other outside funding possibilities are involved when talking about charter schools?
Are all schools required to meet the needs of English Language Learners (ELL)?
What is a charter school?
Do public charter schools get funding from the city for facilities?
What is the DC School Reform Act?
Is religious curricula allowed to be offered or taught at public charter schools?
What qualifications are required for public charter school teachers and administrators? Who decides this?
Where can I find my student records?
Who can attend a public charter school in DC?
How diverse are DC public charter schools?
Are public charter schools free to attend?
How do I submit testimony for public comment?
How do I enroll in a public charter school? What is My School DC?
How can I find a public charter school?
What schools do not participate in My School DC?
I am conducting research for academic work. How do I gather data from DC charter schools?
What are the PK3 and PK4 cut-off ages?
What is the difference between district schools, like DCPS, and public charter schools?
Can an existing school propose to become a charter school?
Why do some public charter schools close?
What are the requirements for an applicant’s non profit status?
What are the charter requirements?
Can an applicant group submit more than one charter proposal during a calendar year?
What is a charter petition?
Why would a charter petition be denied approval?
What happens when a school's charter is revoked or not renewed?
How does a school get a charter?
Does the Board hold public meetings?
How many charter schools can DC PCSB open?
Where can I find a school's budget?
What does the DC Public Charter School Board do?
Who are the members of the Board, and how do they get selected?
Where can I access the current academic performance for charter schools in DC?
What are School Quality Reports, and how are they used to assess schools?
How do charter schools perform in comparison to the city average?