This month's board meeting is taking place on Monday, July 18 at 6:30 p.m. at DC PCSB's office.

Our analysis of more than 30,000 students shows those suspended for no longer than one day reenroll  the next school year within three percentage points of the rate of students who were never suspended.

A white paper about our approach to school discipline and how three public charter school networks reduced out-of-school suspensions.

A noted education reformer, Brantley takes helm of FPCS, one of nation's largest and highest-performing charter networks headquartered in Washington, D.C.

PCSB will close early July 1 and all day July 4.

"Kaya Henderson has a been a true gift to our city as she has led the stunning improvement in the quality of DC Public Schools,” said Scott Pearson, DC Public Charter School Board Executive Director. 

DC PCSB produced maps of where public charter school students live and go to school in school year 2015-16 by calculating the shortest distance between a student’s home and school. 

This is part of a blog series about one way we can help our nation’s lowest performing schools. In this series, we will introduce the concept of restart and will highlight: Who’s doing it, how it works and, ultimately, does it work. You can find the entire series here.

The DC Public Charter School Board sent the following letter to Charter School Leaders about lead in charter school facilities:  

Mark Lerner sits down with DC PCSB's Executive Director.

Naomi DeVeaux and Carrie Irvin discuss school discipline.

This month's board meeting will take place Monday June 20 at DC PCSB (3333 14th St NW Suite 210).

DCPCSB will be closed June 16 and 17 for professional development.

NACSA and 19 other organizations released a statement addressing equity and student discipline in our schools

PALC member, Erika Harrell, discusses her methods to avoid "summer slide."

View DC summer programming options.

127 public charter school students from 17 different public charter schools across DC announced their college decisions at the annual College Signing Day hosted by Office of the State Superintendent.

Take a look at the start dates for each school's 2016-17 academic year. 

Darren Woodruff, DC PCSB Board Chair, testifies before the DC Council in support of Saba Bireda, board nominee.

A restart happens when an underperforming school is closed and a new school is opened to serve the same students under new management.

The proposed budgets contains no additional funding for charter school facility costs, such as lease and mortgage payments.  

Former DC PCSB board chair and Executive Director, receives an award for exceptional service.

Summer's around the corner. Read on to see a list of each school's last day of the year.

This month's board meeting will take place on Monday May 16 at 6:30 p.m. at IDEA PCS (1027 45th St NE). 

A teacher at Center City PCS - Trinidad shares his experience teaching 4-5 graders.