Board of Trustees Compliance Policy

June 24, 2013

Beginning SY 2013-14, all Local Education Agencies (LEAs) must maintain a compliant Board of Trustees as outlined by the School Reform Act, or be subject to a Notice of Concern. Schools must have two voting parent members on the Board within the first 60 days of the start of a new school year. If a parent member resigns or is removed from the Board midyear, the LEA has 60 days to replace that parent member. When the Board is out of compliance with the requirement of having an odd number of members or Washington, DC, resident majority, the school has 60 days to become compliant, or must develop a plan of action and demonstrate that it is exhausting all options to fill the vacant position(s). Failure to perform these steps could result in a Notice of Concern.

PDF icon Board of Trustees Compliance Policy