Administrative Fee Policy

March 22, 2016

The principal source of DC Public Charter School Board's (DC PCSB) revenue is a 1.0% administrative oversight fee charged to each public charter school. The DC School Reform Act of 1995 allows DC PCSB to assess this fee based on each school's budget. The budget and fee calculations are defined below in the policy. The purpose of the fee is to cover the cost of the DC PCSB's ongoing administrative responsibilities related to the oversight of each public charter school. 


Update:  The administrative fee collected from each LEA is DC PCSB’s primary source of revenue. Given DC PCSB’s successful cost management efforts, we are building our FY18 budget with the assumption that we will only invoice LEAs 0.9% of their budgeted revenue instead of the allowable 1.0% administrative fee.  We are pleased to contribute in this small way to allow LEAs to use more of their funds for direct student impact. This discounted administrative fee will be in effect for FY18 and FY19. DC PCSB will notify LEAs at least one year in advance before making any change in the percent of the administrative fee to be invoiced so that schools have sufficient notice to manage their budgeting processes. The first invoice for FY18 will be sent in July 2017.

PDF icon Administrative Fee Policy