What is a charter renewal?

Every DC public charter school receives a 15-year charter agreement. If a school wants to continue operating beyond these 15 years, it is required by the School Reform Act, or SRA, to submit an application to DC PCSB to renew its charter for another 15-year term. In turn, the Board is required by the School Reform Act or SRA to not renew a school’s charter if it finds that the school:

  • Has committed a material violation of applicable laws (including special education laws) or the terms, conditions, standards, or procedures of its charter.
  • Failed to meet its goals and student academic achievement expectations.
  • Did not adhere to generally accepted accounting principles; engaged in a pattern of fiscal mismanagement; and/or is not economically viable.

For additional questions about the charter review process, contact Nikhil Vashee at nvashee@dcpcsb.org.