What are the charter requirements?

The guidelines to receive a charter are different for Experienced Operators and Start Up applicants.  The guidelines for Experienced Operators and Start Up groups are available here.  Experienced Operator applications are for Charter Management Organizations (CMO) or Education Management Organizations (EMO) interested in replicating a school model with a proven track record of academic success.

Start Up applications are designed for local founding groups that want to start a charter school. The application is designed to evaluate the founding group’s ability to design and implement a new school model that is either completely new or in partnership with an existing school, nonprofit organization, CMO, or EMO.

For both of these founding groups, they must follow a four-step process.

  1. Complete the charter applications.
  2. Participate in a capacity interview.
  3. Complete an informal Q&A between DC PCSB and the founding group of the school. At this point, if the group already has a running school a site visit will be arranged.
  4. A public hearing where public comment may be submitted for testimony.