Expanding Public Charter Schools Transparency

In April 2018, the DC Public Charter School Board launched a major initiative -- #TransparenSEE -- to provide detailed information about DC PCSB and public charter schools.  We placed detailed information on the DC PCSB website about school climate, academic quality, finances, salaries, PARCC, school contracts, at-risk spending, 990s, audits, and budgets. 

Using feedback from parents, community members, elected officials, and school leaders, we are currently expanding our transparency initiatives:

  • We have created a Transparency Hub -- being launched today -- where families, students, and the public can turn to when seeking data or other information.

  • As well as a new initiative “School Transparency Policy”, that was outlined at the January 28 public hearing.

The Transparency Hub is where parents, community members, elected officials, and school leaders can find the following info:

General Information about each School  

Note: Click on the school's name to see this information.  

Financial Information (by PCS)

Charter Information (This is essentially the contract between DC PCSB and individual public charter schools which lays out how that school will operate.)

Other Information

  • Title XI Coordinator Point of Contacts
  • Healthy School Profiles
  • Equity Reports (2012-2017) showing academic performance, discipline, and mid-year withdrawal rates, in many cases broken out by subgroup. (Note that much of the information in equity reports has been replaced by OSSE's DC School Report Card, launched in 2018)
  • DC School Report Card includes
    • Academic attainment and proficiency, by subgroups
    • Discipline rates, by subgroup
    • Before & After School Care
    • Extracurricular Activities
    • Student Mobility
    • Title I Status 
    • Teacher and Health Staff Information
    • Per Pupil Expenditures (coming this year)

Information about DC PCSB

School Transparency Policy

In addition to the webpage, the board will propose changes to its “School Transparency Policy”, which was the subject of a public hearing on January 28.  There will be a second public hearing - for additional feedback - before a final vote by the DC PCSB.

The proposed policy requires schools to list documents and other information on their own websites to help the public easily access information.  If approved by the DC PCSB board, the following information will be available on each school's website:

  • Title XI Coordinator contact information 

  • At-Risk funding plans 

  • Student enrollment plans 

  • High school course offers and graduation requirements 

  • Charter school board of trustee meeting calendars 

  • List Board of Trustee of meeting dates

*Note a revised proposed policy will re-open for public comment on Friday, February 8 and discussed at the February 25 monthly board meeting.  This revised proposed policy will include additional proposed information to be posted, to include school board meeting minutes and other information recommended during the public comment process. Read the revised policy, clicking here

UPDATE March 18: The Board approved the School Transparency Policy at its March monthly board meeting. Click here to read the policy.  

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