Board Votes to Initiate Revocation of Excel Academy’s Charter

The Public Charter School Board voted 5-1 this evening to initiate revocation of Excel Academy Public Charter School’s charter, pursuant to its authority under the School Reform Act (SRA). 

The proposed revocation is based on a recent review, conducted by PSCB staff, of the school’s performance under its charter over the past five years.  Staff recommended the Board vote to initiate revocation proceedings of the school’s charter, effective upon the last day of the current school year. 

The SRA states the eligible chartering authority “shall review [a school’s] charter at least once every [five] years. In this review, PCSB staff found Excel Academy PCS failed to meet the goals and academic achievement expectations set forth in its charter.

Following tonight’s vote, the school will have 15 days to request an informal hearing, which will be open to the public.   

We encourage the public to read the staff report here.  Read the school’s response to the report here


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