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Our Core Values guide everything we do, and truly are the heart of our organization. They help us foster a unique culture:


We welcome feedback, engage in continual learning and improvement, and strive to implement our learnings in our future work.


We promote the integrity of DCPCSB and the public charter sector through our ethical, transparent, and honest words and actions.


We focus on opportunities instead of obstacles, proactively creating innovative solutions and removing barriers to attain results.


We support each other professionally and personally; we value an environment of collegiality and fun.


We are committed to serving students and families and working collaboratively to improve outcomes for all.


We produce high-quality work to improve public schools, and we ground our decisions in data, fairness, good judgement, and adherence to our policies.
When Working in the Charter Sector
Anthony Guyton Dean of Students, Washington Leadership Academy PCS

“My job as Dean of Students at Washington Leadership Academy is great because I have the pleasure of daily interaction with our amazing students and families. As the Dean of Students, I have had the privilege of helping to develop a student culture that places an emphasis on positive teacher-student interaction and facilitates student growth and goal development for their high school years and beyond.” 

Elda Hernandez GED Teacher, Carlos Rosario International PCS

“I have been in classrooms all my life. I love teaching. It seems like it’s in my veins, in my blood. The best reward of my job is to see my students achieving their dreams. When they come with smiling faces to show me their diploma because that changes their lives. They can find better jobs, better positions; they can help their family; and they can become better citizens of this country.”

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Aliya Drake Communications Coordinator

“Working at DC PCSB has been a very rewarding opportunity for myself as a young professional and as a young woman. I’ve seen significant growth in my writing skills, graphic design and social media marketing after embarking on several professional development opportunities with the communications team. DC PCSB has also helped me better manage my work load and time in order to ensure that I produce quality content and do not feel overwhelmed with my responsibilities.  ”

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Daniela Anello Head of School, DC Bilingual PCS

“I joined the staff of DC Bilingual Public Charter School as a Literacy Coach eight years ago. I chose DC Bilingual because, as a first generation immigrant, I was energized by the opportunity to serve children and families facing the challenge of learning two languages and a new culture. I have stayed at DC Bilingual and now serve as its first Head of School in order to help guide the school’s rapid and sustained gains in student achievement and help build positive school culture for students, staff and families.”  

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Jiselle O'Neal Intergovernmental Relations and School Support Specialist

"I enjoy working at DC PCSB because we have such a dedicated staff that are passionate about our mission."

Amy Quinn Dir of Teaching and Learning/IB PYP Coordinator, Washington Yu Ying PCS

“Within [my] two roles, [I am] responsible for ensuring that teachers in our partial English/Mandarin Chinese program follow the curriculum framework of the IB PYP, align it with the Common Core Standards and teach via inquiry. At Yu Ying, I can be found attending teachers’ team planning meetings, conducting observations, finding and/or implementing teacher PD, helping teaching teams ensure that lessons in both Chinese and English classrooms are sequential, not repetitive, as well as interacting with groups of children.”