Public School Enrollment Increases for Eighth Consecutive Year

According to unaudited enrollment data released today, 41,784 students are enrolled in DC public charter schools as of October 2016. This is a 7.9% increase from school year 2015-16, when DC public charter schools enrolled 38,905 students. Growth in the public charter sector can be attributed in part to the four new schools opening this Fall:

School Name Grades Serves  Unaudited Enrollment
Breakthrough Montessori PCS PK3-PK4 87
Goodwill Excel Center PCS 9-12 390
Rocketship DC PC PK3-2 446
Washington Leadership Academy PCS 9 110

The unaudited enrollment data also shows an increase in the number of students with disabilities enrolled at public charter schools:

  SPED Level 1 SPED Level 2 SPED Level 3 SPED Level 4
2016-7 Certified Enrollment 1,864 1,691 652 1,087
2016-7 Audited Enrollment 1,682 1,569 609 882
Growth (%) 10.8% 7.8% 7.1% 23.2%

Following the pattern of growth, the number of English language learners enrolled in public charter schools grew by 23%.

The final audited enrollment data will be published in February 2017.

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