Charter School Growth and Closures

February 13, 2018

History of Charter School Growth and Closure 

As the sole entity in Washington, DC with the power to open new public charter schools, close the low performing schools and expand the high performing schools, we are committed to giving students and parents more opportunities to attend great schools.

Since 2012, we have received more than 50 new charter applications and approved 25 diverse school options. 

 View list of All Approved Nonprofits Operating DC Public Charter Schools - 1996 to Present (Including Operating Status) [Click to download the spreadsheet.]

LEA = Local education agency
DC PCSB = DC Public Charter School Board 
BOE = DC Board of Education

Closed Public Charter Schools

Between 2012 and 2018, 26 charter LEA or campuses/programs closed, all under our oversight:

  • 10 public charter LEAs had their charter revoked; three public charter LEAs were not renewed in their 15th year of operation.
  • 6 public charter LEAs relinquished their charter. 
  • 10 public charter campuses/programs closed or eliminated grades. 
  • 8 closed public charter LEAs were acquired by other operators.  
  • 18 public charter LEAs/programs closed because of academic deficiencies. 
  • 8 public charter LEAs/programs closed because of financial deficiencies/fiscal mismanagement.  

List of All Closed DC Public Charter Schools

Growth with Quality

We have been focusing on increasing not only choice in the city but school quality.  Today, more students attend high performing public schools.  The Board approved 24 quality public charter school campuses/programs to expand between 2012 and 2018.    

List of Expanded Public Charter Campuses/Programs