Public Comment

Every month, DC PCSB holds a public hearing and a public meeting.  The public is always welcomed to speak before the Board at every meeting and is encouraged to submit comments in writing during the public comment period or present testimony in-person during the public hearing or board meeting on items before the Board.
Public hearings are required when a school requests to change its charter agreement, including:
  • Change in the mission, goals, academic expectations, and governance structure
  • Change in the grades served

  • Change in enrollment 

  • Change in location of school or to add an additional facility/campus

  • Proposals to open new charter schools

How to Submit Public Comments

The public is encouraged to comment on proposed policies, new charter school applications, and requests to change charter agreements.  To ensure your comments are processed and reviewed, identify the "Name of School"  and please use one of the following ways (please select only one):
  1. Submit a written comment by:

    1. Email:  [You will receive an automated response.  This is confirmation that your comment has been received.]

    2. Postal mail: To the Attn: Public Comment, DC Public Charter School Board, 3333 14th Street NW, Suite 210, Washington, DC 20010

    3. Hand Delivery/Courier: Send your comment to the same as postal address above

  2. Sign up to testify in person at Each person testifying is given two minutes to present his/her testimony.    

Important:  All comments will be made available to the public.  Comments sent by email, postal mail or hand delivered/courier will be posted (below) in the Extra Materials column. We do not edit personal identifying information from submissions.  Please submit only information that you wish to make available to the public.  

OOG's August 9th Advising Opinion and our repsonse

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