*Postponed* - Notice of Petition to Amend Charter: Enrollment Ceiling Increase – KIPP DC

March 20, 2017

SUMMARY: The District of Columbia Public Charter School Board (“DC PCSB”) announces an opportunity for the public to submit comment on a request submitted by KIPP DC Public Charter School (“KIPP DC PCS”) on January 27, 2017 to increase its existing enrollment ceiling and to replicate its program to add two new PK3-8 schools, and a new 9-12 school over the next nine years. 

KIPP DC PCS is requesting an enrollment ceiling increase from its current total of 6,584 students to a new total of 9,554 students, over the next nine years. By increasing its enrollment ceiling, the school wishes to accomplish the following: 

  1. PK3-8th Academy (Ward 7) – KIPP DC PCS seeks to serve 1,035 students at a state-of-the-art PK3-8th grade campus in partnership with the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy, which will have a sports-based curriculum and/or at Winston Education Campus, should the LEA be awarded that site through an RFO process. 
  2. Hillcrest High School (Ward 7) – KIPP DC PCS seeks to serve 900 students at a new high school on a 12-acre property it recently purchased in the Hillcrest neighborhood. 
  3. Turnaround/Merger/Acquisition – KIPP DC PCS seeks to serve 1,035 students at a PK3-8th grade campus attained via a merger or turnaround of an existing charter school. (Note: No school has been identified yet for such an acquisition, but if approved, KIPP DC would like the opportunity to attain a turnaround school.) 

Pursuant to the School Reform Act, D.C. Code 38-1802 et seq., a charter school must submit a petition to revise its charter, which includes its enrollment ceiling and number of campuses.

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