Procurement Contract Submission Policy

May 20, 2019

With the exception of certain types of contracts, all procurement contracts over $25,000 must be publicly bid and all required documentation must be submitted to DC PCSB no later than three business days after a school awards the contract (except for the executed contract, which must be submitted to us within 30 calendar days of execution). If the contract is a Conflicting Interest Contract (as defined in the policy), the school must submit a written statement describing the conflict of interest, an attestation that the contract is fair to the school, along with an explanation of how this was determined, and board meeting minutes demonstrating that the contract was approved by a majority of disinterested board members. (This policy goes into effect on July 1.)  All expenditures made by public charter schools equal to or exceeding $25,000 must be submitted to DC PCSB for review and are read into record at our monthly board meetings.

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