Petties Court Order to Post Dismissal Notification

Thursday, November 15, 2012

U.S. District Court Judge Paul Friedman issued an order in the case Petties, et al. v. The District of Columbia, et al. on November 9, 2012, that a copy of this notice be posted in all public schools in the District of Columbia by November 15, 2012. (By way of background, the notice proposes to dismiss a 1995 class action lawsuit claiming that the District of Columbia failed to timely pay non-public schools and private providers and failed to provide on-time and safe transportation for special education students. After 20 years, the parties agree that the District has met its responsibility.) The notice is to let members of the class — and the public — know that there will be a final hearing on the proposed dismissal of this case, and that all potential class members have until December 13, 2012 to file any objections.

Please click here to read the notice.