June board meeting will take place on June 25

DC public charter schools’ audited FY 2018 aggregated financial results continue to show strong results, as reflected by the 6 key financial indicators below. Fifty-three schools, or 80% of the total LEAs in the sector, meet or exceed all of these standards.

Today, Monument’s Board Chair Charles Moore sent the following letter to the Monument school community

It's graduation season!  Dates, locations and times of public charter high school graduations are available. 

Today, the DC Public Charter School released the school year 2017-18 Equity Reports for PK-12 schools.  These reports help families and the public see how a public charter school is performing on a variety of measures of educational equity.

Rick Cruz, Chairman of the DC Public Charter Board, made the following opening remarks at the Board's May monthly meeting.

Quality matters to families.  

In the release of this year’s School Quality Report, DC PCSB highlighted that for the fourth straight year, more public charter school students than ever attend a top-ranked public charter school.

The PMF and the STAR framework measure public charter school quality in many common ways and the DC School Report Card includes many additional details (such as school schedules, safety information and extracurriculars) that can help families find quality schools. However, DC PCSB’s School Quality Reports also offers plenty of information to better understand the diverse offerings of DC public charter schools; here are four ways you can use the School Quality Reports to do just that.

Each year, we see more and more families choosing to send their children to a top-ranking public charter school. As our Student Commute Maps show, families are willing to travel for a quality educational program. 

Each year, more than 250 students in grades 10 and 11 apply to be an Office of the State Superintendent (OSSE) Scholar for the summer enrichment program.

DC PCSB uses OSSE’s audited enrollment report and data file along with its own data on school quality to analyze enrollment trends across the District.

Last week, school registrar and front office staff  from all over the city gathered for a two-hour session  to learn best practices from their peers and DC PCSB, on collecting and maintaining accurate student records and information.

These schools have little to no waitlist based on the My School DC SY 2019-20 lottery results. 

There are 11,861 individual students on the My School DC lottery waitlists to attend one or more PK-12 public charter schools in SY2019-20, a 4.8% increase over last year’s 11,317 students and a 22.2% increase from the 9,703 students in SY2017-18. 

In April 2018, the DC Public Charter School Board launched a major initiative -- #TransparenSEE -- to provide detailed information about DC PCSB and public charter schools.

The DC Public Charter School Board has long been committed to providing parents, students and the public with detailed information about public charter schools.  

Monthly news and information about DC's public charter schools.  

The 2019 Spring Break dates for DC Public Charter Schools.

Celebrating Freedom of Information Day 2019

To read the meeting materials and watch the hearing, click here.  

Today, Executive Director Scott Pearson released the following statement about the Public School Transparency Amendment Act of 2019: 

Earlier this week, we received 11 new applications from groups seeking to open a public charter school in Washington DC. If approved, the school would open in school year 2020-21.