RBT - ABA Support Classroom Teacher Assistant


POSITION: ABA Support Classroom Teacher Assistant - Registered Behavior Technician for SY19-20
REPORTS TO: Principal, Assistant Principal, and Director of Student Support Services

START DATE: August 2019

Come be a part of Bridges initiative to bring

high quality ABA/VB programming to public school students!

Bridges is seeking an ABA Support Classroom Teacher Assistant to support our non-categorical self-contained special education classroom for elementary school students with high level special needs. This classroom is designed to support students who need intensive instruction to be delivered using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior (VB) methodology in order to build independence in social, adaptive, and academic areas. Instruction will be aligned with the common core and focused on individualized programming developed following the VB-MAPP Barriers and Transition Assessment. Explicit instruction on communication and social skills will be provided throughout the day.

The teaching team will consists of 1 lead teacher, 1 Assistant Teachers and one Classroom Assistant. The classroom planned enrollment size is 6 students. The classroom is rooted in the principles of ABA/VB to guide instruction and classroom management. Supervision is provided to all teaching team members by a certified BCBA practitioner. The position is a 10 month position.

The ABA Classroom Assistant is a bachelor's level board certified Registered Behavior Technician who is assigned to the ABA transition classroom and provides IEP bases ABA Behavior services in the ABA classroom under the supervision of the school BCBA. The ABA Classroom Assistant oversees and implements behavioral data collection, discrete trial instruction, and social skills instruction for the classroom while assisting with academic instruction.

Bridges mission is to provide an exemplary educational program that includes all students. Our developmentally appropriate, student and family-centered educational approach nurtures students to expand their developmental skills, in order to build a foundation for life-long learning.

The ideal candidate will:

Hold a BA or MA
Be a credentialed registered behavior technician or have successfully completed the 40 hour RBT training course and competency exam and be able to pass the BACB RBT exam within 60 days.
Have 1 year experience implementing ABA based interventions in the home or school setting.
Demonstrate advanced understanding of behavioral principles and instructional strategies for students with autism and developmental disabilities.
Have taken coursework in early childhood education, elementary education, special education or human development.
Display excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, parents, community members, and staff members.
Demonstrate strong skills in partnering with other team members.
Possess excellent time-management skills and ability to work independently.
Have a passion for public schools.
Adhere to a high level of professional and ethical standards.
Be committed to meeting the needs of a diverse student population.
Have a track record of being a team player and community minded.


Work with the Lead Teacher in the planning and management of a classroom. Assist in the implementation of academic instruction, assessment, and data collection for all students. 
Develop and implement the classroom discrete trial instruction, social skills instruction, and behavior plan implementation in collaboration with the lead teacher under the supervision of the BCBA
Contribute to Social/Emotional progress reports and IEP development under the supervision of the BCBA
Assess student progress regularly using VBMAPP Milestones, Transitions, and Barriers assessments
Regularly collect data to track students’ progress in 3 program areas: curriculum, IEP, and ABA/VB.
Collaborate with related service providers, special education coordinator, curriculum coordinator, ELL Teacher and student parents to plan for student needs.
Implement and maintain student’s Functional Communication Protocols and Behavior Protocols to respond to students' behavior appropriately and successfully.
Support the creation of a classroom culture and environment that develops and nurtures the emotional, cognitive and social abilities of the students.
Engage parents and families in their student's learning and acting as an ambassador for the school in the community.
Contribute productively to the school as a whole.
Attend and participate in school events outside of regular school hours.
Other duties as assigned.

Salary is based on educational level, certification(s), and years of experience. Health benefits (medical & dental), disability insurance, and a retirement plan: 401-(k) or the continuation of the DCPS retirement plan.

To ensure safety for all students, all staff members may be fingerprinted. Background checks will be conducted on all school staff prior to their service as employees. Bridges is an equal opportunity employer. We evaluate all applicants without unlawful consideration of race, religion, age, color, sex, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.

Persons of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Bridges Public Charter School Washington DC
Start Date: 
August 12, 2019
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August 30, 2019