Lead Testing Results

July 2, 2019

DC PCSB has completed the installation of lead filters on every drinking water source in every DC public charter school. Roughly 1,640 drinking water sources in public charter schools had lead filters installed: drinking fountains (both bubbler and water cooler style), health suite sinks, staff break room sinks, icemakers, kitchen sinks used for food preparation, and classroom sinks in early childhood (PK and K) classrooms. This work began last September and was completed in December 2017. 

This spring DC PCSB also tested all 1,640 sources that received a new lead filter to ensure that lead levels were lower than 5 parts per billion (ppb) which is the safe level that the city recommends (see code) for drinking water in schools. There were 40 sources that had elevated lead levels -- about 2.43% of all the sources tested.  However, those sources were taken out of service and remediated, and filters were replaced and retested.  Retest results were within the normal range. 

Each public charter school has a copy of their lead test results that they should post on their website. 

You can also find the results of lead testing at all DC public charter schools here.

This work is part of an ongoing commitment to student safety. It began in 2016 when DC PCSB tested all drinking water sources in every public charter school for lead.  Those that had elevated lead levels were remediated.  Since then, The Childhood Lead Exposure Prevention Amendment Act of 2017 was introduced by Councilmembers Mary Cheh and David Grosso, [Allen, Todd, Nadeau, Evans, R. White, McDuffie & Bonds were also introducers]. It requires the installation of filters, testing, labeling and placement of signage on each drinking water source in District public schools.  The Council and the Deputy Mayor for Education provided funding so that DC PCSB could ensure that this work was completed in all public charter schools.

2018 School Lead Testing Results