DC Public Charter School Board Approves Revised Charter Application Guidelines Updated Charter Review Criteria Also Approved

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Contact: Audrey Williams  202-328-2748
Washington, D.C. — The D.C. Public Charter School Board (Board/PCSB) at its September 19th meeting approved the 2012 Charter Application Guidelines for establishing a public charter school in the District of Columbia.  The Board approved the following changes to the guidelines issued last year: 
• Addendum for Online Schools – Provides guidance to applicant groups interested in establishing virtual learning schools.
• Public Hearings – Hearings will be scheduled over a four-day period to ensure adequate time for Board and public interaction with applicant groups.
• Principal Interviews – Interviews with principals have been removed from the review process.
• Mission Accomplishment Plan – Elements of the Mission Accomplishment Plan were moved to the Educational Plan.
• Processing Fee – The Board will charge a $150 processing fee for each application to establish a public charter school.

The Charter Application Guidelines will be released to the public on October 1, 2011.  Charter school applications are due to the PCSB on February 1, 2012.

The Board also approved the criteria that it will use to review charter schools scheduled to undergo a five-year charter review.  The charter review criteria incorporate the performance management framework and accountability plan results, which measure a school’s academic performance.  Based on each charter school’s academic and non-academic results, the PCSB will render decisions regarding charter continuance, continuance with conditions, or proposed revocation.  Fifteen schools are scheduled to be reviewed this year.

The D.C. Public Charter School Board oversees 53 public charter schools on 98 campuses, serving more than 30,000 students living in every ward of the city.  Public charter schools now serve approximately 40% of all public school students in Washington, D.C.  Learn more about PCSB at www.dcpubliccharter.com