Can a school amend its charter, particularly its goals and expectations, prior to charter review?

While a school may submit a petition to amend its charter at any time, DC PCSB generally will not approve amendments to a school’s goals and expectations unless the request for a charter amendment is made more than two years prior to the beginning of a school’s 15th or 13th year of operation, or more than one year prior to the beginning of a school’s fifth, 10th, 20th or 25th year of operation review. The exception to this is if the school elects to adopt the Performance Management Framework or PMF as its charter goals and academic achievement expectations. Pursuant to the Elect to Adopt the PMF as Goals Policy (see policy here), DC PCSB may permit the revision to occur within two years of a charter school’s 15th or 13th year of operation or within one year of a charter school’s review. See the policy here. Guidelines for preparing a charter amendment petition can be found here.