The Youth are the Roots

Roots Public Charter School, Roots PCS,

“Youth are the roots of change and exposure is the key to the intelligence.” – Roots PCS motto

The walls at Roots Public Charter School (Roots PCS) are filled with rich, African history and showcase significant historical figures and former students who have gone on to do great things. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Bernida Thompson, Roots PCS is one of only a handful of schools in DC that teaches from an African-centered perspective. For Dr. Thompson it was important to expose students to an authentic education, as it originated in ancient Africa because “education was a means by which the people learned to be successful and to take care of one another, as well as the earth.”

The curriculum provides students with the tools they need to understand where they came from, who they are, and how to become leaders in their community and in the nation. Ife, a graduate of Roots PCS, and now a 7th grader at Paul Public Charter School looks back on her time at Roots PCS fondly. “They [Roots PCS] gave me a base because I learned about my culture," said Ife. "And, I grew during my time there because it helped me stay true to who I am. I learned to not let the outside affect me or who I am.” She also says Roots PCS “is family oriented and very warm” and that she “could talk to anyone about her problems."

Roots PCS

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