Why Our Public Charter Schools Love Back to School Season!

Every year, our public charter schools welcome back hundreds of students with excitement for what the new school year will bring.  Learn why back to school season is a favorite among our schools.

DC Bilingual PCS: "We have spent all summer fine-tuning our school-wide systems putting a new leadership team in place and working hard to secure our current facility as our long-term space. This year will be one of our most memorable ones at DCB!" said Daniela Anello, DCB Head of School. "We are excited for the students and our families to be a part of the tremendous and exciting changes going on at DC Bilingual."

DC Prep PCS: At each of DC Prep’s five campuses in Wards 5, 7, and 8, team members are reconvening for August Orientation – working together to #DCPrepUp for the 2016-17 school year. Teachers are spending time setting up their classrooms, organizing new supplies, and gearing up to welcome new and returning PK3-8th grade Preppies back on August 29th for the first day of school – our favorite time of year!

Democracy Prep PCS: It's a fresh canvas that we get to paint a new picture on.

Eagle Academy PCS: Back to school is our favorite time of the year here at Eagle Academy. We welcome new children into the Eagle family and prepare to assist them as they learn to navigate a new world outside of their comfort zone — school. We welcome back our returning learners who are anxious to share stories of summer and what they learned while they were away from Eagle. Its a busy time of the year and we welcome back to school with smiles, excitement and loads of energy.

Early Childhood Academy PCS: Many of our students are beginning their first school experience when they come to ECA on the first day of school. It’s always exciting to see the three and four year olds evolve from apprehensive little ones clinging to their parents, to secure and independent ECA students bouncing through the door to greet their new friends and participate in the school routine. Students who at first were reluctant to stay soon begin to object to having to leave at the end of the day. It’s a testament to our great teachers!

E.L. Haynes PCS: At E.L. Haynes, our school year is already off to a strong start (1st day was August 8th!). Our teachers and staff members connected with family members through summer home visits and we are energized to continue to build family connections across our Pre-K through 12th grade community. This year, we look forward to achieving ambitious academic goals and continuing to invest in our commitment to social justice together with staff, students, and families.

Washington Leadership Academy: Monday, August 15th is the first day of school ever for Washington Leadership Academy! We are so excited to welcome our incredible founding class of scholars to build an amazing high school together. 

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