Welcome to the DC PCSB's New Blog!

Welcome to the DC Public Charter School Board's (DC PCSB) new blog! This blog was started to open a two-way dialogue about charter schools and charter school authorizing in Washington, DC. We have a lot of information and insights to share about our role as the sole charter school authorizer in the city.

What types of topics will the blog cover?

  • DC PCSB’s oversight process;
  • DC PCSB Policies;
  • District and Federal policies that impact DC public charter schools;
  • Charter school data;
  • Charter school accountability;
  • Insights on best practices among charter school authorizers;
  • Interesting tidbits about the city’s charter school leadership, staff, students, and communities;
  • Much more!

Meet the Bloggers:

  Scott Pearson
Executive Director
  Theola Labbe-DeBose
Director of Communications
  Shenneth Dove-Morse
Senior Associate, Web and Social Media

You can also expect to see guest posts on the blog from PCSB Board members, PCSB staff, and members of the local charter school community in the future.  Feel free to interact with us by leaving comments, email us, or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. We enjoy engaging with anyone interested in learning more about charter school authorizing and would be happy to answer questions readers have about the city’s 53 charter schools on 98 campuses.


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