Two Rivers PCS Students Care for their Local Ecosystem

Two Rivers PCS

Two Rivers Public Charter School has a history for helping the ecosystem around its school in Washington, DC. Since Two Rivers PCS opened 14 years ago in 2004, it has had a strong partnership with the Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS). The school established the partnership with AWS to reinforce its commitment to environmental education in caring for the Anacostia River – one of the rivers after which the school is named.

Each year, the school’s 4th graders complete a semester-long expedition about the watershed. The expedition provides students with an opportunity to understand how ecosystems function and what their role is in contributing to a healthy ecosystem. Throughout the process, students figure out how to combat the problems they see affecting the Anacostia River, such as uncontrolled storm water, trash pollution, and high levels of toxins.

Through their research, students found multiple ways to reduce the effects of pollution on the river, such as getting rain barrels, installing green roofs, planting more wetlands, and reducing the amount of trash that goes into the river. Past student projects and essays are available online.

Two Rivers PCS students have been recognized for their green efforts by recently receiving finalist awards from the Caring For Our Watershed Youth Contest 2018.

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