Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS Appears in “Nick News with Linda Ellerbee”

Nick News: "Black, White, and Brown V. Board of Education: A Return to Segregated Schools?" S1

To honor Black History month, Nickelodeon's Nick News with Linda Ellerbee featured a segment titled “Black, White, and Brown v. Board of Education: A Return to Segregated Schools?” 

The half-hour special focused on the landmark decision to abolish a system of segregation in public schools.  The episode also delved into current issues of inequality with the nation's public school system, highlighting four students from Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS, a high performing or Tier 1 school in Southeast DC.  Sophomores Darrius Cook and Asia Boulware, and freshmen Phillonda Williams and Jeremiah Simms tell what it means to them to go to a high performing segregated school.  

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