Sustainable Futures PCS to Close

Sustainable Futures

This month, the Sustainable Futures PCS board voted to relinquish the school’s charter and close the school on June 29, 2018, at the end of this school year. The school opened in August 2017.

In a letter to DC PCSB, Sustainable Futures Board Chair Paul Jackson said the school “grappled with several challenges during its first year of operations that led to necessary changes at both the board and administration levels.”

DC PCSB enrollment specialists will work closely with school staff and families to support each student in transitioning to a new school for next school year.

As part of our effort to improve our review and approval process for future charter school applications, the DC PCSB board will examine key events and decisions made about Sustainable Futures PCS. The Board will discuss staff findings at its September board meeting.

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