Senator Landrieu Visits Two Rivers

"Two Rivers is a great example . . . you're one of the best schools in the whole city, and one of the best schools in the whole region." - Senator Mary Landrieu

U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu Visits Two Rivers!

This morning we were happy to host our friend, United States Senator Mary Landrieu! Senator Landrieu - who represents the state of Louisiana - played a key role in helping Two Rivers obtain our first facility.

This morning Senator Landrieu came back to see how our vibrant community has grown since the early days. The Senator participated in our elementary school community meeting - joining in during the greeting and initiative - and spoke to the community about her enthusiasm for Two Rivers. On Two Rivers' performance, she said "Two Rivers is a great example . . .you're one of the best schools in the whole city, and one of the best schools in the whole region. . . every child here is a model, so when you all do your best job, you help other children be able to have this opportunity."



Senator Landrieu took the time to thank teachers and families for their extraordinary leadership and engagement, and challenged the adults in the room to continue to push for great public schools. Senator Landrieu also expressed how pleased she is that Two Rivers plans to expand and serve more students.

It was an honor to have Senator Landrieu back and to witness her unflagging commitment to education and to our community at Two Rivers. Like so many of our parents, staff, leaders, and supporters, Senator Landrieu embodies what it means to be "the BOAT." We are grateful to have her as an advocate and as a member of our community of life-long learners and compassionate members of society.

To see more pictures from the senator's visit, see Two Rivers PCS Flickr page:  



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