New Report Shows Public Charter Schools Headed in the Right Direction

Today, the city released the School Equity Reports for the fourth year in a row.  The reports provide unprecedented levels of information on how well each public and public charter school in the District responds to the diverse needs of the students they educate. By providing apples-to-apples comparisons of schools and presenting the results in a format that is easy to understand, the reports signal potential problems, help schools focus on areas that need to improve, and guide parents as they make decisions about their child’s education. 

What’s most exciting about the School Equity Reports is that they show a three-year trend of public school students, DCPS and public charter schools, consistently doing better overall.  Students are scoring higher on PARCC, graduating at higher rates, missing less days in school and staying in the same school until the end of the school year. This is good news for the city and for both sectors, it means we’re headed in the right direction. 

What the 3-Year Trend Shows Us  

Together, in partnership with public charter school leaders, we have found that being transparent about difficult issues has lead schools to improve their performance by differentiating instruction, providing additional support services, and distributing resources to respond to the diverse students attending their schools. These reports confirm that the strategies schools are using are paying off for students and families.

Public charter schools educate a diverse student population 

Percentage of Students Attending Public Charter Schools with a Disability is Above the District Average 

Overall Fewer Public Charter School Students Withdraw During the School Year 

4-Year Graduation Rates are Higher for Public Charter School Students acorss Subgroups

Public Charter School Suspension Rates Continue to Declined Every Year 

Decrease in Lost Instructional Time Year After Year 

Public Charter Schools Have Seen Large Reductions in Expulsions Every Year 


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