Mayor and DC Education Leaders Stand Together Against Hate and Bigotry in DC Schools

To Our DC Community,

We are extremely excited about the back to school season! Schools are places where our students grow as individuals – where they learn more about themselves, how to relate to others, and important lessons about our nation.  

We also recognize that the events in Charlottesville, Virginia have stirred strong emotions in our District and nationwide. It is difficult to watch these horrific events unfold mere hours away from where we live. Over the past week, we’ve heard concerns and fears from residents of all ages, races, and backgrounds, fears that are justified by simply watching local news or listening to your local radio station. We, like many others, are frustrated by the race-based hatred we see in our country. As DC education leaders, we are writing today to affirm that we are unequivocally committed to protecting our schools and our young people from hatred.

Let us be clear: All public schools in DC are safe places not just for students, but also for parents, families, educators, staff, and community members. Our schools are places of inclusion that value diversity in all its forms, including race, ethnic background, religion, immigration status, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, language, and family’s income level. The diversity throughout the city doesn’t just make us stronger – it is something to celebrate.

As educators, it is not only our responsibility to develop students academically, but also to help them grapple with the world around them. It is our hope that we can use these events to have deep and productive conversations about inclusion and respect so that everyone in our schools feels loved, valued, and supported. 

We stand in solidarity, as one city of educators, against the idea that any human being is less valuable because of the color of their skin, the language they speak, the religion they practice, or any other aspect of their identity. As we move forward, we know that you will help us ensure that our schools are welcoming and supportive environments to all who enter our doors. No matter who you are, you are safe with us.


Muriel Bowser

Mayor, District of Columbia

Jennifer Niles

Deputy Mayor for Education

Antwan Wilson

Chancellor, DC Public Schools

Darren Woodruff

Board Chair, Public Charter School Board 

Scott Pearson

Executive Director, Public Charter School Board

Hanseul Kang

State Superintendent, Office of the State Superintendent of Education


Cosigned by:


Lecester Johnson

Academy of Hope Adult PCS


Shantelle Wright

Achievement Preparatory Academy Public Charter Schools 


Malaika Golden

Aiton Elementary School


TaMikka Sykes

Amidon-Bowen Elementary School


Eric Fraser

Anacostia Senior High School


Anne Zummo Malone

AppleTree Early Learning PCS


Dr. Yetunde Reeves

Ballou High School


Cara Fuller

Ballou STAY High School


Arthur Mola

Bancroft Elementary School


Grace. A. Reid

Barnard Elementary


DeAnna Rowe



Gwendolyn Payton

Beers Elementary School


Anita M. Berger

Benjamin Banneker Academic High School


Keith Whitescarver

Breakthrough Montessori PCS


Norah Lycknell

Brent Elementary


Olivia Smith

Bridges PCS


Maurice Kennard

Brightwood Education Campus


Christie McKay

Briya PCS


Kerry Richardson

Brookland Middle School


Dwight Davis

Browne Education Campus


Alethea Bustillo

Bruce-Monroe Elementary School @ Park View


Kara Kuchemba

Bunker Hill Elementary School 


LeVar Jenkins

Burroughs Elementary School


Tui Roper

Burrville Elementary School


Heather Hairston

C.W. Harris Elementary School


Karen Dresden

Capital City PCS


Brandon Eatman

Capitol Hill Montessori School


Tanya S. Roane

Cardozo Education Campus


Allison Kokkoros

Carlos Rosario International PCS


LaTonya Henderson, Ed.D

Cedar Tree Academy PCS


Russ E. Williams Jr.

Center City Public Charter Schools


Emily E. Silberstein

Chavez Schools


Lanette Dailey-Reese

City Arts & Prep PCS


Anna Krughoff

Cleveland Elementary School


Maria Tukeva

Columbia Heights Education Campus


Connie Spinner

Community College Preparatory Academy PCS


Semanthe Bright

Coolidge High School


Golnar Abedin

Creative Minds International PCS


Daniela Anello

DC Bilingual PCS


Mary Shaffner

DC International School


Emily Lawson

DC Prep Public Charter Schools


Avise Hayes

DC Prep PCS - Edgewood Elementary 


Rachel McClam

DC Prep PCS - Edgewood Middle 


Maura Englender

DC Prep PCS - Benning Elementary 


Erin Waldron

DC Prep PCS - Benning Middle 


Maria-Teresa Duvall

DC Prep PCS - Anacostia Elementary 


Jennifer G. Leonard

DC Scholars PCS


Diedre L. Neal

Deal Middle School


Shukurat Adamoh-Faniyan

Democracy Prep Congress Heights PCS


Masi Preston

Dorothy I. Height Elementary School


Naimah Salahuddin

Drew Elementary School


Sandi Logan

Duke Ellington School of the Arts


Abdullah Zaki II

Dunbar High School 


Hilary Darilek

E.L. Haynes PCS


Brittany Wagner-Friel

E.L. Haynes PCS - Elementary School


Myron Long

E.L. Haynes PCS - Middle School 


Emily Hueber Stoetzer

E.L. Haynes PCS - High School


Joe M. Smith, Ph.D.

Eagle Academy PCS


Wendy S. Edwards

Early Childhood Academy PCS


Sah Brown

Eastern High School


Dale E. Mann

Eaton Elementary School


Eugenia Young

Eliot-Hine Middle School 


Erika Bryant

Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS


Deborah Lockhart

Excel Academy PCS


Patricia A. Brantley

Friendship Public Charter School


Khabria Hundley

Friendship PCS - Armstrong


Jeffrey Grant

Friendship PCS - Blow Pierce


Morrise Harbour

Friendship PCS - Chamberlain


Curtis Lawrence

Friendship PCS - Collegiate Academy


John Sloane

Friendship PCS - Online


David Lawery

Friendship PCS - Southeast Academy


Khalil Graham

Friendship PCS - Tech Prep Middle School Academy


Peggy Jones

Friendship PCS - Tech Prep High School Academy


Felicia Owo

Friendship PCS - Woodridge International 


Kennard Branch

Garfield Elementary School


Brigham Kiplinger

Garrison Elementary School


Catherine Meloy


Goodwill Excel Center PCS


Katie Larkin

H.D. Cooke Elementary School


Darrin Slade

H.D. Woodson High School


Lucas Cooke

Hardy Middle School


Emin Cavusoglu

Harmony DC PCS


Nadine Smith

Hart Middle School 


Charlette E. Butler

Hart Middle School


Jen Thomas

Hearst Elementary School


Sundai M. Riggins

Hendley Elementary School 


Dr. Chloe Marshall

Hope Community PCS (Tolson and Lamond Campus)


Roxane Rucker

Hope Community PCS


Rembert Seaward

Houston Elementary School


Kathryn Procope

Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science PCS


Elizabeth Namba

Hyde-Addison Elementary School


Justin Rydstrom



George H. Rutherford

Ideal Academy PCS


Aaron Cuny

Ingenuity Prep PCS


Deborah Dantzler Williams

Inspired Teaching Demonstration PCS


Soncyree Lee

Inspiring Youth Program and Youth Services Center


Heidi Haggerty

J.O. Wilson Elementary School


Alysia Lutz

Janney Elementary School


Greg Dohmann

Jefferson Academy Middle School


Courtney Taylor

Johnson Middle School


Kortni Stafford

Kelly Miller Middle School 


Maisha Riddlesprigger

Ketcham Elementary School


David Landeryou

Key Elementary


Johann Lee

Kimball Elementary School 


Angel Hunter

King Elementary School


Shannon T. Hodge

Kingsman Academy PCS


Susan Schaeffler



Abe Clayman



Aliesha Maye



Allison Artis

KIPP DC - Arts & Technology Academy PCS


Amy Witherspoon

KIPP DC - Connect Academy PCS


Andhra Lutz

KIPP DC - College Preparatory PCS


Caitlin Maxwell

KIPP DC - Northeast Academy PCS


Donny Tiengtum

KIPP DC - Spring Academy PCS


Erin Huseby

KIPP DC - Promise Academy PCS


Gaelan Gallagher

KIPP DC - Heights Academy PCS


Gillian Conner

KIPP DC - Valor Academy PCS


Jerry Jellig



John Barnhardt



John Petersen

KIPP DC - Quest Academy PCS


Lauren Ellis

KIPP DC - Grow Academy PCS


Mekia Love

KIPP DC - Lead Academy PCS


Michael Cordell

KIPP DC - The Learning Center


Sommer Wynn

KIPP DC - Discover Academy PCS


Roman Smith

Kramer Middle School


Carrie Broquard

Lafayette Elementary School


Kemi Husbands

Langdon Elementary School


Vanessa Drumm-Canepa

Langley Elementary School


Justin Ralston

LaSalle-Backus Education Campus 


Diane Cottman

Latin American Montessori Bilingual PCS


Nicole Hanrahan

LAYC Career Academy PCS


Andrew Smith

Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School


Niyeka Wilson

Leckie Education Campus


Chris Pencikowski

Lee Montessori PCS


Jada Langston

Luke C. Moore Opportunity High School


Mark Sanders

MacFarland Middle School


Zara Berry-Young

Malcolm X Elementary School


Liz Whisnant

Mann Elementary School


Katie Lundgren

Marie Reed Elementary School


Carolyne Albert-Garvey

Maury Elementary School


Linda McKay

Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy PCS


Heather D. Wathington, Ph.D

Maya Angelou Schools and See Forever Foundation


M. Louise Jones

McKinley Technology High School and Middle School


Candice Bobo

Meridian PCS


Bruce W. Jackson

Miner Elementary School


Emily Bloomfield

Monument Academy PCS


Akela Stanfield-Dogbe

Moten Elementary School


Kristin Scotchmer

Mundo Verde Bilingual PCS


Chris Cebrzynski

Murch Elementary School 


Kim Adutwum

Nalle Elementary School


Jennifer L. Ross

National Collegiate Preparatory PCHS


Kermit Burks

Noyes Elementary School


Carolyn Jackson-King, Ed.D.

Orr Elementary School


Mayra Canizales

Oyster-Adams Bilingual School


Victorie L. Thomas, Ed.D. 

Patterson Elementary School


Dr. Tracy L. Wright

Paul PCS


Stephanie Byrd

Payne Elementary School


Elena Bell

Peabody and Watkins Elementary School


Rachel D. Crouch

Perry Street Preparatory PCS


Willie Jackson

Phelps ACE High School


Terri Fuller

Plummer Elementary School


O’Kiyyah Lyons-Lucas

Powell Elementary School


Kristie Edwards

Randle Highlands Elementary School


Natalie Hubbard

Raymond Education Campus


Dr. Marco Clark

Richard Wright PCS for Journalism and Media Arts


Aimeé Cepeda, Ed.D.

River Terrace Education Campus


Jacque D. Patterson, Sr.

Rocketship Schools


Benjamin Williams

Ron Brown College Preparatory High School


Aqueelha James

Roosevelt High School


DeWayne Little

Roosevelt STAY Opportunity Academy


Bernida Thompson, Ed.D.

Roots PCS


Holly Searl

Ross Elementary School


Lisa Rosado

Savoy Elementary School


Richard Trogisch

School Without Walls High School and Francis-Stevens


John E. Burst

School-Within-School @ Goding


Kim Jackson

Seaton Elementary School


Mecha Inman

SEED PCS of Washington, D.C.


Joy King-Pike

Sela PCS


Jenifer Moore

Sela PCS


Jade L. Brawley

Shepherd Elementary School


Regina Rodriguez

Shining Stars Montessori Academy PCS


Sharon Holmes

Simon Elementary School


Kiana Williams

Smothers Elementary School


Lauren Catalano

Somerset Preparatory Academy PCS


Courtney Wilkerson

Sousa Middle School


Sharon Raimo

St. Coletta Special Education PCS


Carlie John Fisherow

Stanton Elementary School


Don Bryant

Stoddert Elementary School


Kristofer Comeforo

Stuart-Hobson Middle School


Natasha Warsaw

Sustainable Futures PCS


Loren Brody

Takoma Education Campus


Nakia Nicholson

The Children's Guild DC PCS


Julie Meyer

The Next Step/El Proximo Paso PCS


Davia L. Walker

Thomas Elementary School


Carmen Shepherd

Thomson Elementary School


Richard Pohlman

Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS


Mary Ann Stinson

Truesdell Education Campus


Amanda Delabar

Tubman Elementary School


Eric Bethel

Turner Elementary School


David Nitkin

Two Rivers PCS


Mitchell Brunson

Tyler Elementary School


Cynthia Robinson-Rivers

Van Ness Elementary School


Clinton Turner

Walker-Jones Education Campus


Elizabeth Torres, Ed.D.

Washington Global PCS


Howard Mebane

Washington Global PCS


Peter Timothy Anderson

Washington Latin PCS


Stacy Kane

Washington Leadership Academy PCS


N'Deye Diagne, Ph.D.

Washington Mathematics Science Technology PCS


Michael Alexander

Washington Metropolitan Opportunity Academy and CHOICE Academy


Maquita Alexander

Washington Yu Ying PCS


Megan Vroman

West Education Campus


Shenora N. Plenty, Ed.D

Wheatley Education Campus


Tenia Pritchard

Whittier Education Campus


Kimberly Martin

Wilson High School


Andrew Touchette

YouthBuild PCS


View the letter in English and Spanish here.

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