At Howard University’s Middle School of Mathematics and Science, Mayor Gray Presents the (MS)2 Striving for STEM Excellence Awards

Mayor Gray reaffirmed his commitment to STEM education as he recognized the student scholars and faculty for their outstanding academic achievement and overall contribution in STEM education at Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science PCS (MS)2, this morning.

Student Scholars and educators were presented with the (MS)2 Striving for STEM Excellence Awards for their academic excellence in STEM education. 

The ceremony begin with a cheer from the Howard University’s (MS)2 cheerleaders, followed by the Assistant Principal of Operations welcoming all the distinguished visitors, corporate partners and public school partnerships.  Executive Director Yohance Maqubela introduced Mayor Gray. 

Howard University (MS)2 also recognized their school partnerships with Washington Math Science Technology PCS and Anne Beers Elementary School. OSSE recently awarded them an opportunity to share their best practices with other public and public charter schools in DC. 

The ceremony’s distinguished guests include: Mayor Gray, Vice Board Chair Darren Woodruff, and corporate partners Microsoft, Comcast, Black & Missing Foundation, and the Clearly Mobile Innovative Coalition. 

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