High School Quality Ratings Released

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Today, we released our citywide public charter high school quality report, which shows that schools are steadily improving and preparing students for college and beyond.  

The results show students living in every Ward of the city are benefitting from attending top-performing “Tier 1” public charter schools.

The report is a comprehensive look at education for public charter schools throughout the District of Columbia serving grades prekindergarten (PK) to 12 and adult programs. 

Last month, we released the School Quality Reports for grades PK through eighth grade. These reports are also known as the Performance Management Framework or PMF, and they measure how well public charter schools prepare students for college or the workforce, improve student math and literacy skills, and perform on the state assessment in English language arts and mathematics.  The Reports also assess other metrics that measure school quality such as attendance and the percentage of students that re-enroll each school year.  All school reports are located on our website. 

The School Quality Reports score each school between 0-100, placing the school in one of three performance tiers. Tier 1 are top-performing schools, Tier 2 are mid-performing, and Tier 3 are low-performing. The Reports also include a description of each school’s unique mission and vision and useful information to help prospective families search for schools. Additionally, the reports help current students and families evaluate the school’s academic performance. 

For more information, including previous year results, visit our website.  
Join us on November 17 to celebrate the students and schools at the 20 Years of Quality Public Charter Schools event.  Also help us congratulate these schools and students using the hashtag #TIERific


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