Here's How Academic Achievement is Measured in Each Charter School

DC’s public charter schools are independently run public schools operated by a nonprofit that gets greater flexibility over its operations in exchange for increased performance accountability. The school is established by a “charter,” which is a contract describing specific elements of the school. The charter agreement includes things like the school’s mission, grades served, plans for student enrollment and growth, instructional methods, student policies, academic achievement goals, and more. The agreement also tells how all these areas will be measured. Often, schools choose to select the Performance Management Framework (PMF) as their goals and student academic achievement expectations in their charter agreement. Schools adopt the targets laid out in that policy to allow for a common standard of rigor, with a lower target for new schools that gets progressively higher as LEAs become more experienced (i.e., we set higher expectations for LEAs that have been around longer). Our policy also includes an improvement provision, which allows us to balance a high standard with a reasonable look at struggling schools that are successfully turning things around.

There are 66 nonprofits operating public charter schools in Washington DC. Below is a list of the schools that have selected the PMF as their goals and student academic achievement expectations in their charter agreements.

Schools with the PMF as Their Charter Agreement Goals

Academy of Hope Public Charter School (PCS)

Achievement Prep PCS

AppleTree Early Learning PCS


Breakthrough Montessori PCS

Bridges PCS

Cedar Tree Academy PCS

Center City PCS

Cesar Chavez PCS for Public Policy

City Arts & Prep PCS

Community College Prep Academy PCS

DC Bilingual PCS

DC Scholars PCS

District of Columbia International School

Democracy Prep PCS

Digital Pioneers Academy PCS

Eagle Academy PCS

Early Childhood Academy PCS

E.L. Haynes PCS

Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS

Friendship PCS

Harmony DC PCS

Hope Community PCS


Ideal Academy PCS

Ingenuity Prep PCS

Inspired Teaching PCS

Latin American Montessori Bilingual (LAMB) PCS

LAYC Career Academy PCS

Lee Montessori PCS

Meridian PCS

Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy PCS

Paul PCS

Perry Street Prep PCS

Richard Wright PCS

Rocketship PCS

SEED PCS of Washington, DC

Sela PCS

Shining Stars Montessori Academy PCS

Somerset Preparatory Academy PCS

Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys PCS

Two Rivers PCS

Washington Global PCS

Washington Latin PCS

Washington Leadership Academy PCS

Washington Yu Ying PCS


However, some schools choose to create their own goals. Each school with unique goals is listed below. To read each school’s goals, click here.

Capital City PCS

Creative Minds International PCS


Howard University Public Charter Middle School of Mathematics and Science


Mundo Verde Bilingual PCS

National Collegiate Prep PCS

Roots PCS

Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS

Youthbuild PCS


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