Harlem Globetrotters Visit Roots PCS for Foster Grandma Virginia McLaurin's 109th Birthday

Two Harlem Globetrotters team members, Zeus and Bulldog, visited Roots Public Charter School on December 11 to celebrate Virginia McLaurin’s, 109th birthday. Ms. McLaurin is a foster grandparent at the school. This centenarian is also known for dancing with the Obama’s when she was 106.

To start the celebration, PK3 - 5th grade students gathered in the cafeteria to watch the special performance by Zeus and Bulldog. The Globetrotters began by giving background history on the team and the significance that it has had on breaking segregation barriers in professional sports.

Then, the team members went into their anti-bullying initiative, T.E.A.M., that they teach students around the country. T.E.A.M. stands for Talk, Empathize, Ask a question, and Mobilize. Students can easily implement this initiative into their lives to prevent bullying by first talking to someone if they are feeling down or feeling like someone is picking on them. Secondly, they can empathize with their friends or family members who are being bullied to help them feel better about the situation. Third, students are able to ask questions to their teachers, principal, parents, and more about how or why they are feeling uncomfortable or upset that they are being bullied. Lastly, students are able to mobilize and band together to stand up to the bully.

Finally, the teammates ended the celebration with their ‘Magic Circle.’ This activity requires all students and staffers to get in a large circle and practice basketball tricks that Zeus and Bulldog would show them. Students loved this part of the celebration as they were able to play with the basketball and watch Grandma McLaurin spin the ball on her finger.

To close out the Globetrotters time at Roots PCS, Grandma McLaurin sang Zeus and Bulldog the theme song she made up herself for the team. One player said in an interview that, “That song was beautiful!” DC PCSB wishes Grandma Virginia many more birthdays!

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