Fourth Graders Make Significant Gains on NAEP

NAEP Test Score 2017 Results

NAEP results show promising results for fourth grade students

Fourth graders in DC Public Charter Schools improved dramatically in reading on this year’s test, according to data released by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). And over the past eight years, public charter school students in all grades scored higher in nearly every subject. The test examines a sample of students in grades 4 and 8 on reading and math every two years. 

Here is the eight-year growth (2009-present) at the DC Public Charter Schools:

  • Grade 4 Reading: 16 points to state’s 11 points
    • Overall, students demonstrated statistically significant growth of 5% in proficiency since 2015, more than doubling the proficiency rate in 2009
    • The proficiency rate of black students and economically disadvantaged students improved by 7% and 5%, respectively (both statistically significant) since 2015
  • Grade 4 Math: 15 points to the state’s 12 points
  • Grade 8 Reading: 3 points to state’s 5 points
  • Grade 8 Math: 14 points to the state’s 12 points

NAEP Trends Over Time

The 2017 NAEP results for DC Public Charter Schools are available for download.

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