Four New Schools Will Open this School Year

More than 40,000 students will attend one of the 118 public charter schools in the District of Columbia this school year. Four new schools will open for the first time this year:   

Breakthrough Montessori, located in Ward 4, will offer students in PK3 and PK4 a Montessori education, designed in collaboration with the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector. This is the fourth Montessori public charter school in the District of Columbia. First day of school is August 22.

Washington Leadership Academy, located in Ward 5, will open its doors to roughly 110 9th grade students this school year, and will grow to serve 400 students in grades 9-12. The blended learning program offers a service learning component and focuses on developing technology-literate leaders. This school will co-locate with Lee Montessori and offer affordable housing to teachers.  First day of school is August 15.

Goodwill Excel Center PCS, located in Ward 2, will offer up to 300 students 16 and older an opportunity to earn a high school diploma. The first of its kind in Washington, DC. To ease some of the barriers to success, the school will offer on-site childcare and support students with life coaches. First day of school is August 22.

Rocketship Rise Academy PCS will open in Ward 8 and educate roughly 460 students in PK3 through 2nd grade. The school is known for its hybrid education model - using computers for a portion of the day to supplement classroom instruction. Additionally, nearly all of the support staff employed live in the neighborhood surrounding the school. First day of school is August 22.

Public charter schools in Washington, DC offer families a wide-range of innovative, diverse, and quality programming options ranging from language immersion to career and technical education. Additionally, more than half of DC’s public charter schools run on extended schedules (i.e., extended year or extended day), which provide schools the ability to enhance or improve student achievement.   

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