Eleven Individuals Honored at Annual Best Practices Event

On Thursday, November 29, DC PCSB will honor 11 Best Practices Award recipients at its Celebrating Best Practices in Public Charter School Education event. Each honoree demonstrates dedication and has a positive impact on their schools and students. 

Best Practices Award Names

Award Winners

Community Influence Award

Joyful Food Markets

Data Excellence Award

Jodi Ihaza

Program Innovation Award

Stephanie Remick

Program Innovation Award

Zeleta Green

TIERific Teacher Award

Francis Richards

TIERific Teacher Award

Alexis Rosario

TIERific Principal Award

Rachel Tommelleo

TIERific Parent Award

Nicole Fitzgerald

TIERific Student Award

Kalkidan Haile

Excellence in English Language Learner Programming Award

Alicia Passante

Excellence in Special Education Programming Award

Wanda Gregory

The Community Influence Award

  • Ian Whittington accepted the award on behalf of Joyful Food Markets.  Whittingtondescribed the “joy” he hopes Martha's Table brings to public charter school student and their families once a month when they shop at the Joyful Markets. 

The Data Excellence Award Winner

  • Jodi Ihaza, from Briya PCS, shared how much she likes to work at the two-generation school model. She also described the importance of implementing an efficient and effective Student Information System that tracks the attendance and progress of their unique school.

The Program Innovation Award Winners

  • Stephanie Remick, from Washington Leadership Academy, works to secure at least one internship for every 11th grader during the school year. This program has placed students at dozens of places such as the Department of Education, nonprofits, and city agencies.  

  • Zeleta Green, from E.L. Haynes PCS, manages the Credit Recovery Program. She shared that graduation rates at her school went from 59% in 2015 to 86% in 2018 since implementing the program.

The TIERific Teacher Award Winners

  • Francis Richards, from Elsie Whitlow Stokes PCS, is described as a teacher who inspires students, can change their mood, and give students a new perspective on life through his music classes.

  • Alexis Rosario, from Cedar Tree Elementary PCS, received this award not only for her amazing work in education and perserverance to build on her own education. But, also for her smile, energy, and entusiasm for education.

The TIERific Principal Award Winner

  • Rachel Tommelleo, from Center City PCS, works tirelessly to improve student engagement by providing students with access to an array of arts education and enrichment programming such as music, art, and more.

The TIERific Parent Award Winner

  • Nicole Fitzgerald, an Elsie Whitlow Stokes’ parent, implemented the Sustainability and Green Plan to assist with the school’s waste management plan. Students at EW Stokes love being on their ‘Green Team.’

The TIERific Student Award

  • Kalkidan Haile, from E.L. Haynes PCS, provided the audience with a reminder of why they work with students. She shared how E.L. Haynes PCS shaped who she is now as well as who she will become in the future.

The Excellence in English Language Learner Programming Award

  • Alicia Passante, from Center City PCS, implemented their ESL After the Bell program.  The program has tripled achievement for their English language learners students.

The Excellence in Special Education Programming Award

  • Wanda Gregory, from Capital City PCS, ,described her dedication to bettering Special Education for almost 10 years at her charter.


 Congratulations to the 2018 Best Practice Award Winners!​