Celebrating TIERific Public Charter Schools - Part Two

Last week, we hosted a celebratory luncheon in downtown DC at the National Press Club on the recently released school quality reports with more than 40 Tier One schools. This event was a way to honor each school's accomplishment and to also celebrate the 20th year of public charter schools.

Learn more about each TIERific top-performing schools:

Two Rivers PCS 4th Street
This school has been Tier 1 for five straight years. And the elementary and middle school prides itself on creating curious students who can think critically and solve complex problems, while also getting the basics of reading and math right. They are also a top performing school that has a diverse student body, educating a large population of students with disabilities.

DC Bilingual PCS
This school is one of the top 10 highest-performing elementary public charter schools in the city and in the top 25% of the District’s 73 tiered charter schools. Earning an overall score of 75.3, a 13-point increase from their 2014 score. Congratulations Briya PCS This family literacy program educates the adult learner and young learner together. This school has earned a Tier 1 rating for the second time and has the highest student progress rate among adult education programs.

Mundo Verde Bilingual PCS
As the first green-focused public charter school in this city, this school is educating students to be global stewards. They’ll be able to tout another first...it’s the first time they have earned our Tier 1 rating.

Cedar Tree Academy PCS
This community of academic excellence school is committed to extended learning time, student achievement, parent involvement, and community support. Their commitment has paid off --they’re earning their first Tier 1 rating.

KIPP DC - Arts and Technology Academy, Connect Academy, Discover Academy, Grow Academy, Heights Academy, KEY Academy, Northeast Academy, Quest Academy PCS, Promise Academy PCS, College Prep
This network has been educating students in Washington, DC for 15 years. This year they have 10 Tier 1 schools, seven of the schools are Tier 1 for the first time and two has been Tier 1 for five years. They attribute their success to continuing to focus on preparing students for college, and finding talented leaders and teachers to make this possible.

Elsie Whitlow Stokes Freedom Public Charter School
This school teaches students to think, speak, read, write, and learn in English and French or English and Spanish. This school has one of the highest reenrollment rates at 97.4%, which shows that the entire school community is committed to ensuring all the scholars learn and grow.

Carlos Rosario International PCS.
This school has a diverse student body and the great work they’re doing to help adults earn a GED, obtain citizenship or get a certification to earn a fair wage. This is their second time earning a Tier 1 rating. 

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