Celebrating Best Practices in Public Charter School Education

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On November 29, we held our annual event that honors DC's top performing public charter schools and individuals who have significantly contributed to DC's public charter sector. 

The following is an excerpt from the opening remarks from our Executive Director, Scott Pearson.

This is truly a testament to the incredible environment each of you have built within your schools. Thank you for inspiring your students and making their school experience meaningful. Each of you have created a quality school. When we developed the PMF eight years ago, we created the designation of Tier One to recognize the very best public charter schools in Washington, DC. And we did that for two reasons. The first was as a market signal - a clear message to parents and guardians and students themselves to say, this is a school you should strongly consider.

This is what quality looks like. Because we know that choice doesn’t work when the choosers aren’t informed. A quality-driven choice system can only work when folks can identify quality and we created Tier One so that everyone could know at a glance what were our highest quality schools.

Event Video

(Best Practice Award Winners along with Councilmember Robert White and Acting Deputy Mayor for Education, Paul Kihn)

List of Best Practice Awards

Transcript of Scott Pearson's Full Remarks

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