Board Receives Two New Public Charter School Applications

Updated April 11: The Adult Career Technical Education Public Charter School withdrew its applications.

Washington, DC — The DC Public Charter School Board (DC PCSB) received two proposals from groups seeking to open new public charter schools in Washington, DC. If approved, the public charter schools would open in school year 2017-18. The proposals include one adult education schools and one elementary school. By law, DC PCSB’s seven-member board can approve up to 20 new public charter schools to open each year. DC PCSB typically approves less than one third of new applicants.  According to the most recent data from the National Charter School Association, the national charter school application approval rate is 38.6 percent.  Michigan has the lowest approval rate at four percent and Oklahoma has the highest rate at 60 percent.

As part of that process, DC PCSB staff reviews each application, conducts a capacity interview, and, if applicable, visits existing schools run by the applicant group.

Additionally, DC PCSB has notified all Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANCs) throughout the District and the Parent and Alumni Leadership Council will host a Town Hall on April 11 at DC PCSB’s office (3333 14th St NW Suite 210) to discuss the proposals with stakeholders.  More information about the Town Hall can be found here. Watch the event live here.

DC PCSB will also accept written comments on the proposals until April 25 and the public is encouraged to sign up to speak at the public hearing on April 18 at 6 p.m at Carlos Rosario International PCS (1100 Harvard St NW).

The Board will vote on the new school proposals on May 16. 

New School Proposals

Interactive Academy


The mission of Interactive Academy is to create a learning environment that actively engages students from underserved communities in the learning process by immersing them in an inquiry and experiential/simulation-based learning environment that prepares them to be socially responsible citizens prepared for college, career and civic engagement.



Link to Redacted Application in Dropbox


Sustainable Futures


The mission of Sustainable Futures, a competency-based school serving youth ages 14-21, is to create a community of learners that reengages disconnected youth and those who have struggled in traditional school settings by providing them with a comprehensive, challenging, personalized education that prepares them to lead purposeful, productive, sustainable lives.



Link to Redacted Application in Dropbox


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