Two Harlem Globetrotters team members, Zeus and Bulldog, visited Roots Public Charter School on December 11 to celebrate Virginia McLaurin’s, 109th birthday. Ms. McLaurin is a foster grandparent at the school. This centenarian is also known for dancing with the Obama’s when she was 106.

DC Public Charter Schools will not be impacted by the Federal government shutdown. 

Summary of Board decisions on 7 Charter Schools at December 2018 meeting. 

December Board Meeting 2018

DC Charter School Board is meeting for December 2018. 

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Focus group training on preventing sexual abuse. 

Status Updates for DC Public Charter Schools due to the State Funeral of George H. W Bush on Wednesday, December 5.

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Best Practice Award Winners

School to open in 2021-22 in Ward 8

Every public charter school in Washington, DC gets a 15-year contract, called a “charter,” that holds the school accountable to applicable law and performance standards. 

Weather Status Updates for all DC Public Charter Schools on Thursday, November 15, 2018. 

Graduation rates are the number of students graduating from high school in four years (even though some graduates take longer). The four-year rate for this past 2017-18 academic year for public charter school students was 72.4%, a slight drop of 1.0% - from 73.4%.

Graduation rates are the number of students graduating from high school in four years. 

More Students Attend Public Charter Schools this Year, While Market Share Declines For the First Time. 

School Quality Report Update

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Breaking Down the School Quality Reports. 

Highlights of School Quality Reports

DC PCSB currently has six schools that meet the standard for the Alternative Accountability Framework (AAF). Each school has individualized goals and academic achievement expectations tailored to its programs.

The Adult Education School Quality Report measures program effectiveness by tracking student progress, student achievement, progress on mission-specific measures, and environmental indicators such as attendance and retention.

The DC Charter School Board will meet at 6:30 pm on Monday, October 15, 2018.