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Agendas/Minutes/Board Decisions
February 27, 2012

Board Decisions 

  • Accepted the review report of contracts over $25,000
  • Approved Latin American Montessori Bilingual PCS's request for charter continuance, grade expansion, and an enrollment ceiling increase
  • Accepted Community Academy PCS's (CAPCS) decision to close the Rand Campus; postponed to vote to revoke the charter of CAPCS pending an agreement between the PCSB and CAPCS regarding the campus closure process
  • Granted charter continuance to Integrated Design Electronics PCS (IDEA PCS) based on its turn-around plan
  • Approved Eagle Academy PCS's request to increase enrollment ceiling 
  • Approved requests to relocate or operate in a new location for the following schools: Meridian PCS; Mundo Verde PCS; Next Step PCS
  • Issued a notice of concern due to invalid certificates of occupancy to the following schools:
  • Maya Angelou PCS; Washington Mathematics Science and Technology PCHS