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November 15, 2010

Board members in attendance:  Mr. Brian Jones, Board Chair, Mr. John “Skip” McKoy, Vice-Chair, Dr. Darren Woodruff, Mr. Don Soifer, Mr. Will Marshall, Ms. Emily Bloomfield, Ms. Sara Mead and Mrs. Josephine Baker.

Mr. Brian Jones called the public hearing to order at 7:45 pm.

Public Hearing to consider three proposed policies (see transcript)

Mr. Brian Jones adjourned the hearing at 8:22 pm. 

Mr. Brian Jones called the public meeting to order at 8:22 p.m.

Acknowledgement of Public Officials

No elected officials present. 

Approval of the Agenda

Mr. Brian Jones presented the proposed agenda for the November meeting with changes.  Two proposed policies, one on high school graduation requirements and another on accreditation policy, were to be voted on.  A motion to table consideration of these policies was made and seconded.  The agenda was approved with this change by all Board members present. 

Approval of the October Minutes

Mr. Brian Jones presented the October minutes for approval.  An amendment will be made to reflect that Josephine Baker and Sara Mead were excused from attendance.  A motion to approve the minutes with this amendment was made and it was seconded.  The motion was approved by all Board members present.

Administrative Committee

The contracts for October 2010 were received by the PCSB, read and accepted into the record.  The contracts were approved by unanimous consent.  [See the November Contracts Report for the list]

School Oversight Committee– Compliance Review Initial – Screen Results – Notices of Concern

Dr. Darren Woodruff reported that DC Bilingual Public Charter School is on the list to receive a Notice of Concern.  Despite efforts of DCPCSB efforts to acquire SST member list, employee handbook, certificate of occupancy, and DC fire extension documentation, and at this point none of the documents have been submitted.  DCPCSB staff has communicated to the 3rd parties responsible for documentation but has not received a response from these 3rd parties or update from the school.

Ms. Monique Miller stated that she communicated to the school about the need to submit the documentation or a proposal for Notice of Concern would be issued.  Yet no response received from the school. 

No school representative present.

Motion made to issue a Notice of Concern, it was seconded, and motion carried. 

Public Comment

Mr. Brian Jones opened the floor for public comments.

Caroline Hill, High School principal of E.L. Haynes Public Charter School, presented comment on the high school graduation requirement.  She recognized the school’s excitement with the DCPCSB leadership in establishing basic floor requirements but was concerned that low floor will become the ceiling and limit high expectation for all students.  She seeks to ensure that mechanisms are in place that will set the basic requirements in a way that will maintain high expectation for all students

Dr. Darren Woodruff stated for the record that if the DCPCSB policy passes it will seek to generalize best practices across all schools. 

Mr. Brian Jones adjourned the meeting at 8:30 pm.