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Agendas/Minutes/Board Decisions
October 15, 2012
D.C Public Charter School Board
3333 14th Street, NW
Suite 210
Washington, DC 20010
October 15, 2012 7:30pm

Public Hearing

Board Members in attendance: Mr. Brian Jones (Chair); Dr. Darren Woodruff; Ms. Emily Bloomfield; Mr. Don Soifer; Ms. Sara Mead; Mr. Scott Pearson (Ex-Officio)

Proposed Board Policy:
• Updating the Language on PCSB Monitoring of Schools
• Adult Education Performance Management Framework Mr. Jones called the public hearing to order at 7:45pm and asked if there was anyone present who wished to testify. Hearing none, Mr. Jones adjourned the public hearing at 7:46pm.

Public Meeting

Board Members in attendance: Mr. Brian Jones (Chair); Dr. Darren Woodruff; Ms. Emily Bloomfield; Mr. Don Soifer; Ms. Sara Mead; Mr. Scott Pearson (Ex-Officio). Mr. Jones called the public meeting to order at 7:46pm, and asked if there were any public officials present. None were present.

Approval of the Agenda
Mr. Soifer made a motion to approve the agenda. Mr. Woodruff seconded the motion. The board voted 6-0 to approve the agenda.

Approval of the September 17th 2012 Board Minutes
Mr. Soifer made a motion to approve the board minutes. Mr. Woodruff seconded the motion. The board voted 6-0 to approve the September 17, 2012 board minutes. Administrative Committee- Contracts over $25,000 Mr. Jones accepted into the public record the list of charter school contracts valued at more than $25,000.

Public Comment
Mr. Tyrone Mavins addressed the board with his complaint about Friendship PCS-Blow Pierce.

Mr. Mavins informed the board that his six-year-old son Tysean Whitfield was found by his mother, Marquita Whitfield, wandering outside of school grounds by himself.

Mr. Mavins felt that Friendship PCS- Blow Pierce did not address the issue in a sympathetic, apologetic or professional way. Mr. Mavins is asking the board to intervene on his behalf in getting Friendship to have a more secure system for protecting students.

Mr. Jones asked Mr. Mavins if he had spoken to the governing board of Friendship. Mr. Mavins answered No.

Mr. Jones explained that the chain of command is to first speak with the governing board of Friendship and Mr. Jones also assured Mr. Mavins that PCSB staff will do a follow up.

Mr. Mavins left his name and contact information with PCSB staff.

Staff Notification to the Board: School Quality Site Review
Staff Representative: Ms. Naomi DeVeaux, Deputy Director

Ms. DeVeaux summarized the board memorandum. Mr. Woodruff asked if the rubric was drawn from any outside sources. Ms. DeVeaux answered that the rubric came from PCSB’s Performance Management Development Review rubric.

Review of the Alternative Education Definition, PMF and Funding

Staff Representative: Ms. Naomi DeVeaux, Deputy Director; Mikayla Lytton, Data Analyst.

Ms. DeVeaux summarized the board memorandum, proposing that the board vote to open the proposed criteria for defining alternative education schools for public comment.

Ms. Lytton informed the board that some data came from the Office of the Superintendent for Education (OSSE) and some came directly from the schools at a school level. PCSB identified nine different At-Risk Factors which are described in depth in the board proposal. Ms. Lytton clarified that over-aged is defined as students who are two or more years older than the expected age for their grade. “Incarcerated” refers to students who are currently or have been incarcerated and “Pregnant and/or mothers” includes parenting mothers but not fathers.

Ms. Lytton suggested that it may be valuable to look at parenting fathers as an at-risk factor in the future. Based on the three sets of criteria proposed by the staff, Maya Angelou PCS - Evans High School and Options PCS would be designated alternative education schools, a finding consistent with the April 17, 2012 statement by the board (attached to the proposal) indicating that these schools intentionally target at-risk populations. The criteria found that Education Strengthens Families PCS and YouthBuild PCS may be defined as alternative education schools based on their student bodies. However, the proposal recommends limiting the alternative education criteria to schools that grant high school diplomas, a principle consistent with existing alternative education evaluation frameworks nationally. Some of these schools will be considered for the forthcoming Adult Education PMF.

Mr. Jones asked why these risk factors create a condition where we have a special set of measurements. Ms. DeVeaux answered that certain schools serve a higher percentage of students that are difficult to teach and should be benchmarked against schools with similar populations.

Mr. Soifer asked that PCSB reach out to the strong constellation of social services providers in the city for advice on how and which risk factors might affect educational outcomes.

Ms. Bloomfield stated that tracking student poverty and homelessness, particularly when it causes students to switch schools every year, would be a helpful addition to this analysis.

Ms. DeVeaux asked the board to make a decision on how the PMF data should be released for the two schools.

The board voted to release the PMF calculations, including the overall score, but not assign Tiers. Mr. Jones asked for a motion to accept the alternative education definition for public comment. Mr. Woodruff moved to approve and Ms. Mead seconded. The board voted 6-0 to approve the motion.

Presentation, DC Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education
Representatives from DC Office: Neil Sullivan, Ayers Saint Gross; Michael Akin, Reingold Link; Marc Bleyer- DME The District of Columbia Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education (DME) is developing a Master Facilities Plan (MFP) to deliver classrooms that support educational needs and provide safe, positive learning environments to the children of the District. To ensure a quality seat for every child, the DME is

a) building a fact base of existing facilities;
b) defining school facilities’ needs; and
c) developing a framework to make decisions on capital investments with school quality in mind. The plan is grounded in the belief that every child should have access to a quality school, and is guided by the understanding that community engagement, collaboration, and constant communication must drive the MFP planning process.

Mr. Pearson asked what the scope is for any change in the basic framework governing charter school versus DCPS facilities in the city.

Mr. Bleyer answered that there is a potential plan on finding out how to improve the Request for Offers RFO process or how to start the conversation around facilities a allowance. This process could look at the two elements and see ways it can be changed.

Mr. Woodruff asked if the resources are intended for existing schools to improve their existing facilities.

Mr. Bleyer answered that no recommendations will be made for specific expenditure or funding needs, as the MFP recommendations will be made on a strategic level. Mr. Woodruff asked if there is a timeline to submit the facilities plan.

Mr. Bleyer answered that the facilities plan will be submitted to Counsel in the January.

Mr. Jones asked who the charter leaders are on the advisory committee.

Dr. Clara Hess (PCSB Staff) answered that Wendy Scott, DC Prep; Martha Cutts, Washington Latin PCS; Christy McCain, Education Strengthens Families PCS; Mary Chaffner, Washington Yu Ying PCS participate in this committee.

Public Comment
Dr. Heather Wathington, Maya Angelou PCS Board Chair stated that the Alternative Education board proposal was raised so close to the PMF release that there was not adequate time for schools to raise concerns before the Board voted.

She also stated that she felt that Maya Angelou PCS and other alternative education schools should not be scored using the same criteria as the schools subject to the standard PMF; even without the tiers published, alternative education schools are being clearly assessed against schools with lower populations of difficult-to-teach students.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.