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Agendas/Minutes/Board Decisions
September 17, 2012
Board Decisions – September 17, 2012
  •  Accepted the review report of contracts over $25,000
  • Approved Charter Amendment Requests:
    • The Next Step Public Charter School - Change Ages Served
    • The Next Step Public Charter School - Articles of Incorporation and By-laws
    • Paul Public Charter School – Expand to serve high school students through 12th grade
  • Approved notification of a charter amendment to curriculum (to institute International Baccalaureate Program) for Friendship Public Charter School’s Woodridge campus
  • Approved opening of public comment period for:
    • Adult Education Performance Management Framework [see the proposed policy here]
  • Approved the following policies:
    • Early Childhood PMF Pilot [see the policy here]
    • 2012-2013 Application Guidelines for Charter School Start Ups [see the guidelines here]
    • 2012-2013 Charter Renewal Guidelines [see the policy here]